We’ve made a cool new lorem ipsum generator with a really simple layout and some handy buttons for making paragraphs shorter and longer. It’s not a commercial venture, our design team coded it from scratch using AJAX because we couldn’t get what we wanted from the other ones out there. You can have a look at http://www.e-cbd.com/lorem-ipsum-generator.htm — I realise there’s an argument for only having one generator, but I think you could also argue that Wikipedia users would be better served by having links to a few different generators with added features — there’s certainly room for more without it becoming a free-for-all. I won’t add our link in, but I’ll leave it up to the consensus of the discussion here if anyone thinks our generator is worthy. There’s a link from the page to Wikipedia as well, not that it counts for anything, but I thought I’d at least mention that we’re Wikipedia supporters as well. Cheers E-CBD 02:31, 13 October 2006 (UTC)E-CBD

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Hello world!

If the general idea of “lorem ipsum” is for it to be a text that doesn’t distract from design aspects such as layout, fonts, etc., then it really fails miserably on my part: everytime I come across it I subconsciously try to translate it and consequently get massively distracted because I can’t make heads nor tails out of it. In fact it distracts me as probably few other texts could. Next, it’s practically impossible to memorize; by contrast, when I need a filler text to check out a font or to test a keyboard, I use something from memory such as a poem, a bit of Shakespeare or a national anthem. Finally, it’s not even a pangram, so you can’t use it to check out a font. And most of all: where’s the difficulty in creating filler text in the first place? Just hack at the keyboard a bit and make sure that you hit the space key once in a while: lakjd alkdjf qer alkjdf ycvoa rao qer aglruow, etc. Or show some creativity and hack out something along the lines of “This is only some placeholder text to test my cool new layout, there is nothing to read here folks, please stop reading now” etc. Hey presto. Maikel 15:23, 25 September 2007 (UTC)

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